Three Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas

Lunch Ideas

It doesn’t need to be hard or time consuming to pack up some great lunches for work or school. Bento boxes are a great way for packing up a variety of different lunches easily and you can buy them in a variety of stores. Here are a few ideas for some healthy and filling lunches that are easy to pack.


Lunch Ideas, Hummus

Veggies and hummus is always a super easy and delicious choice for any lunch. I prefer adding in some feta cheese into my hummus, but of course that is completely optional. I also added some fruit and some chocolates as a nice side snack.


Lunch Ideas; Salad

I love caprese salads and they are super easy to make for my lunches at work. Simply cut up some tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil. You can also add some avocado slices or get a flavored balsamic vinegar for a little extra treat. I also enjoy adding some spicy tofu slices to mine as well.


Lunch Ideas, Protein BarProtein bars make a great lunch meal especially on training days at the gym. I add some fruit and veggies for some snacks and add some more protein with a pack of almonds.

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