Easy Ways to Add In Superfoods

In the morning:

Try adding some vegetables when cooking up your eggs. It has a supreme amount of protein and vitamins to help boost you for the remainder of the day. For an easy way to do so try making these flower eggs. If you don’t like red peppers or want to try something else try substituting it with eggplant, squash, or pumpkin.

You can also add some greens and chia seeds into your favorite smoothies. Especially smoothies with peanut/ almond butter and bananas.

For lunch:

Try making this easy quinoa salad that can even be made ahead of time and kept fresh in the fridge. It is jam packed with protein and vitamins and will even leave you full if you are looking to watch your weight.

This cashew stir fry is a perfect way to help your immune system while adding in some great superfoods.

For dinner:

Make some pasta using vegetables like squash, carrots, or potatoes. This sweet potato noodle recipe is a great take on a delicious Asian noodle dish.

For a recipe perfect for the whole family try this take on falafel with this recipe . You can even have them for lunch the next day.

For snacks:

Try making some trail mix. It can be made in a bunch so that you can enjoy them days later. Add granola, nuts, cranberries, blueberries, goji berries, and some cocoa nibs for some extra flavor. It will keep you energized and healthy all day.

You can also dip some apple slices in some dark chocolate (the higher the cacao count the better) and put it in the fridge to cold. Add some walnut slices on top to add some more vitamins.

If you are in for more of a dessert, try this delicious take on a mousse that is packed with superfoods. It is also a great treat for guests that will leave them asking for the recipe.

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