Monthly Favorites September 2015

Monthly Favorites: September Edition

Explore Asian Gluten-Free Organic Black Bean Spaghetti This brand has some absolutely tasty food, especially with their black bean pasta. They make their foods with people with dietary restrictions in mind and with the healthiest ingredients. They specialize in gluten free, vegan, diabetic, and fitness diets. The pasta itself is very light but extremely filling

Super Easy Substitutions For Eating Healthy

Even super unhealthy food like sweets and pastas can be made healthier by doing a few substitutions. Here is a list of just a few ideas for some simple substitutions you can make either as you cook or when eating out. When cooking and baking try replacing: Applesauce for sugar Applesauce gives your recipe the

What I Eat For Breakfast

I always end up eating these 3 meals during the week. They mostly depend on what I have time for in the morning, but are also sometimes solely based on what I am in the mood for. So without further ado, here are 3 things I tend to have for breakfast that are simple, easy,

Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Vegan Vietnamese Noodle Salad

We were wanting something different, but knew we weren’t going to have too long to cook. This recipe was both fast and delicious. It was a perfect light, filling meal to have before the heaviness of the future fall and winter meals to come. If you wanted to you could add some chicken for the

Tips For Reading Food Labels

I have been asked what I look on food labels when I look at a product in the grocery store. I thought that I would share this information with you and give a few of the tips that I have for reading a label quickly and easily at the store.

Vegan Black Bean & Potato Enchiladas

Vegan Black Bean & Potato Enchilada

When craving both something light and something Mexican try these vegan and gluten free enchiladas. The potatoes add a bit of texture and enough that even meat lovers won’t need meat to be added in. I added a bit of fresh jalepenos and some tabasco sauce on top to give a bit more kick with each bite.

Monthly Favorites August 2015

Monthly Favorites: August Edition

Redwood Hill Farm plain goat milk yogurt Goat milk yogurt may seem odd, however it is actually extremely close to human mother’s milk than one might think. Plus it also has great health benefits. For example, it is easier to digest and is best for people who have bowel inflammation. It can also increase ones