Leek and Mushroom Pizza

Leak and Mushroom Pizza with Pumpkin Pesto Sauce

These pizzas are perfect for a quick and easy weekend lunch. It is super tasty and easy to make. Feel free to make your own pesto or pizza crust to make it your own. You could also add additional toppings like red onion or nuts, but I think it tastes great as is.

Halloween Candy Cups

Halloween Candy Pie Cups

Need a good way to use up some of your Halloween candy? Try making these super easy pie cups with any of your favorite candy. For best results chill the cups in the refrigerator to allow the chocolate to sit. Try mixing chocolates with apple slices or cheese for more tasty treats.

Halloween Featured

Halloween Meal Ideas

What’s better the celebrating the spooky nights of Halloween with friends? How about some delicious meal ideas for any adult Halloween party or dinner. Start with some lovely appetizers including these chipotle cheese topped bats, then enjoy some delicious red pepper soup, and followed by the hearty bean compote.

Quinoa 3 Ways

Quinoa 3 Ways

Quinoa is extremely versatile and super easy to make. I especially love having some warm quinoa in the fall and winter since it tends to have that hearty feel to it. Here are some easy ways to add some delicious quinoa to any of your favorite meals. I used tricolor quinoa however feel free to make it your own.