Monthly Favorites: November Edition

Monthly Favorites November 2015

Garden Veggie Chips With Sea Salt

These chips are so delicious and healthy for you since they are made from real vegetables. They are also the perfect size to carry in a little bag when you want a snack on the go. I love having these as a little snack in the afternoon and since you can find them in almost any grocery store, I can pick them up anytime.

Just Pure Foods: Zucchini Chips With Pesto

These could either be a hit or a miss for people. I love the raw flavor of these chips. They are extremely green and are very healthy since they are completely natural. They do have more flavors as well, but I just picked up this bag to try. If you love vegan and raw treats I would highly recommend giving this one a try.

Quaker Rice Cakes With White Cheddar

I love to have a couple of these for a quick and easy snack. The cheese isn’t so overpowering so you still taste the rice cake. Simply put, this is just yet another easy snack I like to have in the afternoon.

Brenton Gluten Free Crackers

I have been seeing these in the gluten free section at my local grocery store for a while and was always curious. These are some delicious crackers to have with cheese or could even be great with some meat. They are very grainy crackers so they really aren’t the best by themselves but I would probably do these for appetizer plates.

Next Organic Dark Chocolate Ginger

Since I tend to have a lot of stomach issues I like to eat ginger as a natural calming remedy. I saw these and thought I would try them as a way to have my ginger with a bit of a better taste. Honestly, you do really taste the ginger, but the dark chocolate really complements it and makes it easy to eat. I have had two or three pieces when my stomach has felt bad and I truly think it has helped with the stomach pains. It also makes a nice sweet snack in general.

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods Asian Entrée: Masala Lentil Pilaf

These little entrees are great for lunches. They are packed with flavor and are light while also filling. They are great when you need a meal quick since it is an instant meal. There are also tons of other flavors that I am intrigued to try out.

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