Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

This recipe is super quick and easy and perfect for a summer barbecue or a picnic. It can also be made up a head of time and reheated before eating. It combines the flavors of a deviled egg with the potatoes for a surprisingly fresh taste.

Arepas with Guacamole, Plums, and Lentils

Gluten Free Arepas with Guacamole, Lentils, and Plums

The sweet plums combined with the hearty arepas and lentils give this dish a wonderful combination of flavors. This is a perfect dish for the whole family with no additional sides needed. Its relatively easy to make as well making it fun for kids to help out with. Feel free to add your own spin with your favorite ingredients.

Almond Cake

Light Strawberry Almond Cake

With birthdays, holidays, and picnics one thing can almost always be found; sweets. This cake is so light in taste and consistency you won’t feel guilty for eating it. It is almost a cross between a strawberry shortcake and a vanilla pound cake. Perfect for any summer gathering. 

Vegetable Puttanesca

Vegetable Sweet Potato and Beet Puttanesca

This is a fantastic dish to fill you up on a deliciously healthy and hearty meal. The vegetable spiraled pasta allow you to eat the pasta for lunch or dinner without worrying about the carbs from typical pasta. It is a great spin on a puttanesca pasta that will want you to eat it all week. It is also a great dish for kids to eat their veggies without the overpowering taste of them. 

Picnic Veggie Sandwiches

Picnic Perfect Veggie Sandwiches

These veggie sandwiches are perfect for a picnic or even lunch meal prep throughout the week. They are super delicious with jam packed flavor. You could even add a bit of cheese if you desire. Serve with some chips or yuca fries for a complete meal.

Kale Butternut Squash Noodles

Kale Butternut Squash Noodles

  Serves 4 Ingredients: 12 cups sweet potato and beets, spiraled into noodles 3 large eggs, beaten 1 cup Parmesan cheese, freshly grated Salt and pepper 1 Tbs Sunflower oil 5 oz. jackfruit, curry flavored 2 cloves garlic 8 cups kale, chopped Directions: Boil water in a large pot. Add noodles to water and cook,

Healthy Potato Salad with Fresh Herb Sauce

Potato salad is a classic for BBQs, picnics, lunches, and parties of all kinds. It is known for being super easy to cook up and this recipe really is no different. It does however is healthier than most in the fact that it does not use any mayonnaise and thus also keeps it vegan friendly.

Easy Croquettes

Easy Vegetable Croquettes

Croquettes make a great appetizer for a dinner party, a great picnic lunch, or even just a great dinner with a lovely side or rice or beans. This recipe is super easy to cook up and tastes delicious. Add a bit of veganaise, chives, lemon zest, or anything else to enhance the delicious flavor and make it a bit of your own. You can also store these in the refrigerator for later meals if need be.

Vegetable and Avocado Wraps

Roasted Vegetable and Avocado Wrap

These wraps are perfect for a picnic or weekend lunch. They are light and filling and are super easy to make. It also makes plenty of vegetables that you can mix with rice or quinoa later for another meal. I used the WraP Original wraps for this recipe which not only adds a bit more flavor but holds everything together super well. I personally believe these are some of the best gluten free wraps I have used.

Cheesy Kale Chips

Vegan Cheesy Kale Chips

These kale chips make the perfect quick, healthy snack for any occasion. The nutritional yeast adds the perfect amount of flavor without it being overpowering and loosing its nutritional value. I recommend serving them almost immediately from the oven to make sure they keep their crunchy texture.

Vegetable Melody

Raw, Vegan Mixed Vegetable Melody

This is a perfect dish for a summer barbecue, picnic, or party. It is super easy to make and can be easily paired with main dishes. Herbs de Provence is a super simple way to add natural herbal flavor to any dish and in this case pushes it from simple to delicious.

Simple Summer Gazpacho

With the warm weather approaching I had to make some time for delicious cold soups like this gazpacho recipe. I love having gazpacho for lunches or for picnics. This recipe makes it so easy to cook up that there is really no reason for you not to be able to cook it up. You can always add more hot sauce for a more spicier taste.

Vegan Thai Green Rolls

Vegan Thai Green Rolls with Spicy Almond Butter Sauce

These rolls are so easy to make and are great for a healthy, quick meal. You can serve it up with a side cabbage salad or some rice to make up a full meal, or make a bunch for some appetizers. You can also store all of them in the refrigerator for lunches throughout the week.

Pea and Ricotta Dip

Pea and Ricotta Dip

This dip is not only perfect for an appetizer for a party or for a snack but is super easy to whip up. This is honestly such a good treat to serve your guests on a summer day or even at a picnic. Serve with some toasted bread and some vegetables to complete the dish.

Monster Veggie Sandwiches

Monster Veggie Sandwiches

Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 tbsp plus ¾ tsp dried rosemary, divided ½ tsp ground cumin, divided 8 tsp sliced almonds 7 Tbs nutritional yeast, divided 2 Tbs garlic powder 2 Tbs plus 1 tsp dried parsley, divided 1 tsp ground black pepper ½ tsp plus ⅛ tsp ground cayenne pepper, divided 2 eggs 4 medium

White Wine Vegetable Risotto

Quick & Easy White Wine Vegetable Rissoto

This recipe is a perfect hearty meal for the beginning of spring. I also cooked up and sliced some sausages for the meat eaters to add to their meal. It is also super easy to make, it just takes a bit for all the liquid to dissolve. The combination of the coconut oil and olive oil make the meal a bit healthier and less fatty. This can also be saved and reheated for lunches or dinners later in the week. This also makes a great dish for a picnic.

Tex-Mex Crispy Potato Skins

Vegetarian Tex-Mex Crispy Potato Skins

This recipe was so easy to come together and was a huge success with the family. I did a sort of taco twist on these potato skins which was both fun and added more flavor and fun to the meal. Instead of just using the regular toppings, I put some other toppings in some bowls for people to dress up the potato skins. I had bowls with cheese, caramelized onions, bacon (for the meat lovers), cheese, and diced tomatoes. I also mixed up some of the potato that was removed earlier with some salt, pepper, and a bit of butter to add to the skins or just on the side. It was a great take on your standard potato skins.

Seared Cauliflower Salad

Quick & Easy Seared Cauliflower Salad

This salad is so easy and is absolutely delicious for any summertime meal. I personally made this for a picnic and fireworks show with some veggies and cheese dip on the side. It would also pair nicely with either a lean chicken breast for the more meat enthused.