Lettuce Wrapped Basmati Rice Burgers with Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Mayo

Rice Burgers and Mayo

These are great veggie burgers and make a great meal prep meal. You can also skip the lettuce wraps and go for some buns or add any of your typical burger toppings. I personally love adding avocado and tomato slices to mine. Some nice grilled corn also make a great side.

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Vegan Black Beans and Brown Rice Burgers

Vegan Black Bean and Brown Rice Burgers

I was craving a veggie burger and decided instead of going to one of my favorite burger spots I would attempt to make some myself. This recipe was so easy to make and also so delicious. The patty, unlike many veggie burgers I’ve made, actually stuck together very well. I tossed together a simple spinach salad for a nice side with some homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

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