Monthly Favorites: September Edition

Monthly Favorites September 2015
Explore Asian Gluten-Free Organic Black Bean Spaghetti This brand has some absolutely tasty food, especially with their black bean pasta. They make their foods with people with dietary restrictions in mind and with the healthiest ingredients. They specialize in gluten free, vegan, diabetic, and fitness…
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Dealing With Stress & Anxiety

We all know that life brings many obstacles that can lead to long, hard days that bring on lots of stress. Stress can be very hard to deal with and can be problematic on both your body and your mind. A little stress is one thing, but the more stress you have can cause more life threatening effects. It is important to realize when you are feeling stress and deal with it to prevent these future problems to arise. I know this can be extremely difficult sometimes, especially since I am a highly anxious person as it is.

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