Monthly Favorites: August Edition

Monthly Favorites Aug 2016

Power 3 Power Blend

The Power Blend mix is a great way to add crucial nutrients into your diet. You can add it to sauces, smoothies, salads, yogurt, and so much more. It is absolutely delicious and is jam packed with delicious ingredients; including pumpkin, chia, and hemp seeds plus some great spices.

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs

These are one of the best snacks that are healthy and super easy to grab. All of their products are delicious and are made from great ingredients and are all dedicated gluten free. They all are based on super packing quinoa into a great snack and they really do the trick of making them a unique treat. They also have so many flavors that you I’m sure you will find something you will like.

Free for All Gluten Free Crackers

Free for All Kitchen is owned by the Partners brand and is their dedicated gluten free brand. They are made with cassava flour which I personally have not had before. I am not sure if it is the flour or what but the crackers are actually delicious. They taste like real crackers and don’t fall apart like other gluten free crackers have for me in the past. They also have a variety of flavors in the brand for different dips and uses.

Generation UCan Protein Powder

Generation Ucan is a great brand for any healthy athlete. They don’t use added sugars in their products and work to make sure you are getting the supplements and aids you need for all your physical activities. They have protein powder, bars, and electrolyte water all of which a great for any part of your workout routine. There are also so many flavors and keep coming out with new ones. Their prices are also great. I’ve been able to find them at some designated running stores but have simply gone to their website for all my orders.

Quinn Snacks-Pretzels

These are great pretzels that actually taste like non-gluten free pretzels. They are delicious and make a great at home sports game snack. They use the best ingredients and make sure that they use the “farm-to-table” concept and use the best natural flavors for all their products.

Muso Gluten Free Crackers

The Muso brand is based on macrobiotics making sure the quality of their food is their main priority. The chips are almost a mix of a tortilla chip and a pop chip. They are delicious and perfect as an accompaniment to you favorite dips.

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