Monthly Favorites: July Edition

Jacksons Honest Sweet Potato Chips

Jacksons Honest is a great company with the slogan “Goodness, Pass it on” and a charitable foundation tat revolves around the concept of nutrient density and educating people on the importance of good healthy food. Besides all their amazing history and story these chips are absolutely delicious and addicting and come in a variety of different flavors. They use barely any ingredients all of which are natural and organic. I honestly can’t find anything not to like about their products.

Tolerant Organic Black Bean Rotini

Tolerant Foods has a few different kinds and flavors of pasta, but personally I think you can never go wrong with black bean pasta. Their pasta is absolutely delicious with all natural ingredients and no added sugar. The flavor of the pasta alone is so good that you really don’t need to load on the sauces to make it taste great. They also work great for summer pasta salads since they already have that great veggie flavor.

Lesser Evil Super Bites Cheesy Nacho

Lesser Evil knows how to make healthy taste delicious and has a few different kinds of snacks they make, including popcorn, super bites, cookies, and chia crisps. They make all of their snacks with the best ingredients with a taste that is hard to beat.

Hilary’s Black Rice Burgers

Hilary’s creates food that takes the most common allergens in mind while making everything taste great and easy to cook up for the everyday family. They have many types of burgers, veggie bites, vinaigrettes, and dressings. You can really never go wrong with any of these tasty products.

Alternative Baking Company Lemon Dream Cookie

The Alternative Baking Company makes gourmet vegan baked goods that are possibly better than the more traditional baked goods recipes. They can be tougher to find in grocery stores but can easily be purchased online. Each cookie is individually wrapped making a great on the go treat. They have a large variety of flavors and you simply need to look for the chick on the front of the package to find their gluten free options.


Siggi’s is a thick high-protein yogurt called skyr from Iceland.  They have a quite large variety of flavors and even a drinkable yogurt that is great for adding into your favorite smoothies. The yogurt is very filling due to the thickness of the yogurt and is absolutely healthy and delicious.

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